An Update from The Bagel


Monday, March 11th, 2024


Heads up: The Bagel will be published on Fridays going forward!

If you’re new here (thanks for subscribing!), last week capped The Bagel’s first month back featuring daily news coverage (prior to that, it was a weekly publication).

  • I say “back” because The Bagel actually started its life as a daily news newsletter (shoutout to the early Bagelers!), and this past month served as somewhat of a test for cadence and coverage.

After the past month, I’ve decided to return The Bagel to a weekly newsletter highlighting the new research discoveries behind today’s most important issues!

  • As with most decisions, more than one issue is at play, but I think dropping the daily news coverage for now is the best way to serve The Bagel’s mission of “combating misinformation through scholarship and research.”

The newsletter will be away this week while I get things situated. The next issue will hit your inbox on Friday, March 22nd!

See you then!


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Written by Ryan Wittler